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If you need help for mental health problems, you should know that they are as treatable as other health conditions.

The Kansas Psychiatric Society is a professional organization for psychiatrists and its staff cannot provide medical advice or counseling. We do not have a specific referral service, but if you are suffering from a mental illness or other emotional problems, here are some suggestions to assist you in finding appropriate help:

  • Call your family physician or PCP (primary care physician) for a referral to a psychiatrist in your area.
  • Call your health insurance plan and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist. There is usually a phone number on the back of your insurance card for you to call.
  • Look in the phone book under the section for Physicians and Surgeons by specialty, and then find the “Psychiatry” section.
  • If you are feeling desperate or in need of urgent care, go to your local hospital's emergency room and ask for assistance.

Remember: effective treatments are available for mental illnesses, which are as varied, as treatable, and as common as physical health problems. If you need help, don't delay — take one of the steps above and ask for help now.

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